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Friday 23 October 2015

Citizen 51

    The Watchmaker. I can understand why some people were brought to The Village, but why the little Watchmaker? Perhaps he came to The Village of his own free-will. That being the case, then The Village and its community may well have come as a shock to him. But in time he learned of the injustice of The Village, that he had met no-one there who had committed a crime. And in the end, with some indoctrination from Number 100, Number 51 had been radicalised, and turned into an assassin and terrorist!
    It may be wondered whether the Watchmaker came to The Village alone, perhaps as a younger man, who might have met his wife there, and had Monique born to them in The Village. Unless of course he brought his wife with him, and Monique was born later. Or had been brought to The Village as a little girl. But seeing that there is no sign of Monique’s mother, that there isn’t even a mention made of her, the watchmaker’s wife must have died at some point.
   As for why the watchmaker was brought to The Village, the answer is a simple one. People have clocks and watches, and they need repairing from time to time. He may well have had a hand in the electrification of the clocks. So a Watchmaker was needed to work in The Village, just like gardeners, painters, motor mechanics, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, window cleaners. Electricians, security guards, scientists, bio-chemists etc, etc indeed anyone with any skill, or occupation could find themselves working for the Village!

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