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Saturday 31 October 2015

Page 6

    Last night I went to bed as myself, but this morning I woke up in a strange apartment as someone else! Number 2 said he can use a man such as I, because I bear a remarkable resemblance to their prize prisoner Number 6! I’m then given a make-over so that when I look in the mirror I’d hardly recognise myself!
   I’m then put in a cottage which is familiar to me, but they’ve changed things, little things. Just a minute, who’s that coming in through the door, whistling, I’ve never gone about whistling! He seems familiar to me, he looks like me, hells bells it is me! But how can I be here and over there at the same time? And why is he wearing a cream blazer, I’ve never worn a cream blazer with black piping in my life! If he’s supposed to be me he shouldn’t be wearing a numbered badge, I never wear that badge! But perhaps he’s not me, perhaps I’m him. In that case shouldn’t I be wearing a cream blazer as well? What's it all about this time?

I'll be seeing you, and if I won’t, he will!

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