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Sunday 11 October 2015

Gone To Pieces!

    It’s inexplicable how Number 6 knew it wasn’t the Professor lying in the bed. Because he took the walking stick out of the hat stand before he ever entered the bedroom. Then looking down at the head lying on the pillow he raised the walking stick and brought it down hard upon that head. Madam Professor screamed, but what for, her husband, whom she must have known was not actually lying in that bed. Or for the destruction of her masterpiece, a replica of her husband’s head sculpted in resin.
    Number 6 picks up a piece of thick resin “You should take greater care of him ma’am, he’s gone to pieces.”
   But they are taking great care of the Professor, his wife never leaves him, and he has an even more attentive doctor.
     As for Number 6, they certainly take great care of Number 6, as Number 2 once said to his assistant at his suggestion that there are methods they haven’t tried yet.
   “I want a man with a whole heart, body and soul.”
   “He’ll crack!”
   “Perhaps, one tiny piece at a time, I don’t want a man of fragments!”
   There’s no chance of Number 6 being beaten with a stick, but he might get bruised a bit from time to time!

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