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Saturday 13 June 2015

60 Second Interview With No.6?

   “What the devil!”
    No.113 “Number Six I presume?”
    “Who else should I be?”
    “One can never tell!”
    “Well what do you want?”
    “I am Number One one three, and this is my photographic colleague Number One one three b. We contribute to The Tally Ho.”
    No.113b “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    “Well what do you want with me?”
    “We have embarked on a piece of investigative journalism.”
    “Good for you.”
    “Perhaps you could tell me Number Six, if indeed you are Number Six…..”
    “What makes you say that?”
    “Say what?”
    “If indeed I am Number Six?”
    “Well little things that have been changed. Since when has Number Six gone about wearing a cream blazer?”
    “Simple, my other blazer is at the dry cleaners.”
    “Your other blazer?”
    “Which is?”
    “Cream with black piping.”
    “Number 6 wears a dark blazer, which looks either black or brown, depending on the lighting conditions at the time.”
    “Well I fancied a change!”
   “And the badge?”
   “I beg pardon?”
   “The badge pinned to the lapel.”
   “What of it?”
    “It’s a little out of character for Number Six wouldn’t you say?”
    “I’m sorry I’m quite not with you.”
    “Number 6 hasn’t worn his badge since the day after his arrival here, and even then it was momentary!”
    “Well people seemed to find it difficult to tell us apart!”
    “Tell you apart, to tell you apart from whom…….. I say, you’re not a Six impersonator are you? If you are you’re not much good at it. It’s not so much the badge, it’s the blazer that’s a dead giveaway. So who are you?”
    “I’m Curtis.”
    “Oh we do not use names here. I’ll call you two times six.”
    “Why not Twelve?”
    “I like two times Six better. Are you going to try and escape?”
    “How would I do that?”
    “By putting yourself in Number Six’s deck shoes, and doing as he would do.”
    “And he would do what?”
    “Probably try and escape by impersonating you!”
   “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    “So all I need to do is impersonate Number Six, then as Number Six to impersonate myself!”
    “Yessss, but you are wearing the wrong blazer!”
    “No, because by impersonating Number Six I would effectively be impersonating myself, and therefore I’m wearing the right blazer!”
    “Yes…..well something on those lines!”

Reporter Number 113
Photographer Number 113b

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