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Tuesday 30 June 2015

60 Second Interview With No.93

    No.113 “Number Ninety-three can I ask you………”
    No.93 “They’re right of course.”
    “They are?”
    “Quite right.”
    “I’m inadequate.”
    “Yes, well if I could just ask you a few questions……”
    “If we could begin with…….”
    “But I‘m grateful, truly grateful.”
    No.113b “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    “Well if you could just answer one small question.”
    “Believe me………believe me…………believe me!”  
    “No don’t go just yet.”
    “Well what is it you want?”
    “I’m Number One, one three, and this is my photographic colleague Number One, one three b. We contribute to The Tally Ho.”
    “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    “Well what is it?”
    “You’re the former Number Two five zero.”
    “What if I am?”
    “A fall from grace?”
    “How do you make that out? I’m Number Ninety-three now.”
    “Disharmonious and a self-confessed unmutual. This after holding a position of a guardian.”
    “Look I’ve got a meeting with the Social Group in five minutes.”
    “Well what if I told you that in about forty-two years time, you will be appearing in another series of THEPRIS6
NER, in a new Village, playing an old man Number 93 being chased by armed guardian with dogs in the desert.”
    “Typecasting is it?”
    “Me as Number Ninety-three, an unmutual!”
    “But you do escape The Village.”
    “Well its work. Speak to my agent will you, I‘ll give you his number!”
    And with one final “Believe me!” Number 93 stormed off seeming all the better for his confession.

Number 113
Photographer Number 113b

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