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Monday 29 June 2015

Ringing The Cimes of Big Ben!

    ‘The Chimes Of Big Ben’, there are certain changes made to the script, to make what we actually see on the screen, changes such as.......
    When No.6 visits the Green Dome, a rather shocking scene is cut. It occurs when No.2 consults No.6's file to discover that No.6 does not take sugar in his tea. We have always been amused by what follows. When No.6 plops three sugar cubes in his tea to make No.2 sink back into his chair, we always smile. But if they had kept the script, how different our reaction would be.
    Number 6 "Have you got a cigarette?"
    Number 2 "Of course, {offering him a box} that file is really a disgrace. No mention of your smoking here."
    Number 2 lights it for him. No.6 takes a puff to make sure that it is well alight. He takes it from his mouth and looks at the glowing end. He then slowly and without flinching stubs it out on the back of his hand.
    Number 6 "I don't."
    This scene would have been an uncomfortable one to watch but it would have shown a man unafraid of pain or torture. It also would have been a very effective way to close act one.

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