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Monday 29 June 2015

A favourite Scene In THEPRIS6NER

   A favourite scene in THEPRIS6NER takes place soon after the Prisoner has journeyed on foot through the desert to finally arrive in The Village. The Prisoner sees a red and cream taxi, not cream or white Mini-Moke with a candy striped canopy. But a red Renault Dauphine with a cream roof.
    The taxi stops and the Prisoner climbs into the back.
    147 “Where to?”
    “I need to get to a railroad station.”
    “A rail what?”
    “A train….a train, take me to the nearest town.”
    “Hey man I just do local destinations okay.”
    “What’s the matter with you? I need to get out of here!”
    “Hey man, I don’t know what you’re talking about…trains, railroads.”
    “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get my bearings here alright?”
    “It’s okay.”
    “Where is this place?”
    “This? This is The Village.”
    “Yeah but what village?”
    “Hey man what gives with you? This is The Village, and I do local destinations.”
   The Prisoner jumps out of the taxi into the road, the taxi drives on.

Breathe in….breathe out….Village life goes on.
Be seeing you

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