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Friday 5 June 2015

Do We Know Where Seltzman Is?

    The problem began when Professor Seltzman was located in the Austrian village of Kandersfeld. An agent, ZM73, working for The Village discovered Seltzman’s whereabouts, and travelled to Austria to see him, with two other agents shadowing close behind. That was Potter and a secondary Village agent. According to the report, Potter and ZM73 were both overpowered by a third party, another agent working for The Village. ZM73 and Professor Seltzman were brought back to The Village. Potter was left in the basement of the Barber’s shop. Whilst in The Village Professor Seltzman made certain conditions of his own before carrying out the reversal process. This was to re-house correctly the minds of the Colonel and the Prisoner-Number 6. However the Professor having continued in his mind transference experiments, had progressed further than anyone could have imagined. He did, at the same time, change the minds of three men. Professor Seltzman’s mind then inhabited a body, perhaps not to his liking, the Colonels. While the Colonel’s mind………the Colonel’s dying words, if they were his dying words were “Tell Number One I did my duty.” So even this Colonel was like at least one other, an agent working for The Village!
    But how many years ago has it been, how many subjects have been used in further mind transference experiments? How many times between nineteen sixty-seven and now has he used his machine to prolong his physical active life? We know what Professor Jacob Seltzman looked like forty-eight years ago, but who does he appear to be today. In short, do we know where Seltzman is?

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