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Tuesday 2 June 2015

Thought For The Day

   On the surface Number 6 may have won the election, and yet as he stands on the steps of the Town Hall he is faced with suspicion and indifference which borders on hostility. It might have been expected that the newly Number 2 should have addressed the electorate from the steps of the Town Hall, even if it was only to thank them for their support and belief in him.
   The scene in which the new Number 2 is presented to the good people of the community, leads into what may be called the endgame. In which power is handed over from the out-going Number 2 to the new Number 2. There is no explanation of how anything works, of the new Number 2’s duties. If Number 2 wants to know anything, he’s only to press a button and ask! Perhaps this is the same for every new incumbent of the Green Dome!
   If you think about it, power should actually have been handed over to the new Number 2 {Number 6} on Appreciation Day. After all Appreciation Day of ‘It’s Your Funeral’ wasn’t concocted for the benefit of Number 6, it was an annual event. And that would give Number 2 a year’s term in office! What’s more the out going Number 2 of ‘Free For All’ should have been wearing the Great Seal of Office seeing as he is the Chief Administrator. Then that seal should have been handed over to the new Number 2 {Number 6} and finally the former Number 58, now the even newer Number 2, should have been wearing the Great Seal of Office. The only trouble being that both Appreciation Day along with the Great Seal of Office hadn’t been thought up until well into the production of the series. And yet having done so, the scriptwriter Michael Cramoy had written Appreciation Day into Village history! And that makes it very difficult to ignore!

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