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Saturday 20 June 2015

More Village!

    When the trailers for THEPRIS6NER began to appear on ITV towards the end of 2009, I wondered what a bus marked ESCAPE was doing in The Village. Eventually when ITV finally got round to the screening of the series in mid April 2010, it seemed a hell of a long time from the autumn of 2009 {when the trailers for the series began} to April 17th 2010. I finally found out why the ESCAPE bus, it was to take holidaymakers to the Escape resort! Other busses take citizens on bus tours of The Village, and apparently the highlight of the tour is to see the Clinic, where people are taken for treatment, treatment of all kinds!
   The above bus is a Mercedes because they forgot to remove the Mercedes emblem from the front of the bus. The second type of bus used in The Village, is unknown. In fact all of the vehicles used in The Village have all maker’s names and emblems removed, so that the only way to identify the vehicles is by actual visual recognition. I did identify a Volvo, simply by the “V” on the hubcaps! And the Mercedes cars are always easily recognisable. I have made a small collection of die-cast vehicles as seen in THEPRIS6
NER. At one point I purchased a “Bubble car,” Isetta, the only trouble was it had four wheels. 1960’s “Bubble cars” had only three wheels. However I added the car to my collection anyway. But then when I watched the series soon after, I saw the Bubble car on the TV screen, I froze the picture……the Bubble car had four wheels!

“See how the sun makes it all glow. The kind of day that makes you feel good to be alive!”
                {Two - Arrival}

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