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Monday 15 June 2015

Report To The General!

    “We’ve been through many scrapes but we’ve never fallen out over them. The General’s not going to behead you.”
    “We won’t know that until I’ve reported to the General, will we?”

    “Report to the General? That’s a new one!”
    It certainly is, why not report to the Colonel, or at a pinch Sir Charles Portland? Unless Curtis himself is the Colonel who took to working as a field agent, which in this case appears to lead to reporting to the General. In another scenario when the Colonel took to “working in the field,” it led to Sir Charles Portland. And one can only wonder to whom another field agent, Nadia Rakovsky, was going to report, as well as Number 2 of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ It seems improbable that it’s Number 1 on the other end of that teleprinter by which Number 2 made her report, not when he’s on the other end of a telephone!

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