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Friday 12 June 2015

The Mechanics Of The Village

   On the day of his arrival in The Village the Prisoner, at becoming annoyed with the constant drone of piped music into his cottage, trampled a black loudspeaker underfoot. Yet with the loudspeaker smashed to pieces, the music continued to play.
The Prisoner "How do you stop this thing?"
Number 66 {the Prisoner's personal maid} "We can't. It’s automatic."
   Then towards the end of the ‘Dance of the Dead’ Number 6 rips out the wiring of a tele-printer, which causes the machine to stop printing whatever instructions were coming through for Number 2.
   The only trouble is, that Number 6 can never win, and the proof of that is in the restarting of the teletype, the wiring and paper of which lie upon the floor, ripped out by Number 6!
    Well in all probability the tele-printer had a back-up system, and there was more than one loudspeaker in the Prisoner's cottage...... simple, fool proof. "Perhaps too simple, too fool proof" as Number 6 once said.

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