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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Interior Design!

   The nursery, but whose nursery were the two boys and girl in? We never know. Nor is there any indication of how long Number 6 has been taken to child-minding during his time in The Village. However we do know he’s going to call again tomorrow, as he doesn’t think he has any other important appointments.
   The nursery is like any children’s nursery, but not quite as many toys as it might be imagined. There’s a toy steam road roller on the carpet, along with a model railway locomotive, but no model railway in the room. There’s a red racing car, a rocking horse which the girl sits upon. There is a distinct lack of dolls for the girl to play with. Indeed the wooden Dutch doll seen in both ‘Arrival’ and ‘Checkmate’ would not be out of place in the nursery. In the back ground a stuffed toy owl, and another stuffed toy which is difficult to describe! Upon a small round table in the centre of the room sits a soft doll with bright clothes, a black face, and fuzzy hair, a golliwog, a toy which is much frowned upon these day of course, and with good reason. For those who are not aware of what a Golliwog is, click the link for further information.
   And in the foreground sits a large teddy bear in an armchair. He is not unlike one of my wife’s many Teddy bears, Mister Aldershaw is his name. He is roughly the same size and also in appearance.
  There are also a few books dotted about the nursery, again not as many as might be imagined. One story book of course is The Village Story Book, which appears to contain a number of pictures which have all been roughly pasted into the book, and left rough edged as can be seen in the film footage in this scene. And yet Number 6 can be seen holding a book in his hands which doesn’t appear to have those same rough edged pages. It looks as though two books were used as The Village story Book!
   There are a few images on the walls, one of a sailing ship in the same kind of format as that of Captain Pugwash’s ship.
   As well as a shield, the type used for the family coat of arms.
   Brown wooden furniture adorns the room, yet looks to be out of place in a nursery somehow. One might expect such furniture to be painted and decorated with childish motifs.

  And so to bed, the two boys sleep in bunck beds and the girl physically put to bed by Number 6. One could almost imagine that it’s like Patrick McGoohan putting one of his daughters to bed. Of course its not, because the girl is played by Gaynor Steward, the first little boy being her brother.
   There are two night scenes painted on the wall, and two small pictures. Oh yes and the toy clown, used symbolically by Number 6 as a final gesture. He was playing with Number 2, he knew all the time!

“Goodnight children everywhere!”
               {Uncle Mac of the BBC radio programme ‘Children’s     
      Favourites’ who was also the voice of Larry the lamb in ‘
Toy Town}

Be seeing you

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