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Sunday 7 June 2015

Number 6 Is Dead.....Rover Got Him!

    And what if by some curious quirk of fate, that that statement is correct, that Rover did in fact attack the wrong Number 6. Where would that leave Curtis? Perhaps Curtis then, after the death of the real No.6, quickly decided to maintain the persona of Number 6, and try to escape the village. And thereby escaping the possible wrath of No.1 for his part in the death of Number 6.
   Of course Curtis would have to fool Number 2 into thinking he was Number 6, to act and behave accordingly and thereby escaping the village, otherwise Number 2 might smell a rat! There was one flaw in Curtis' escape plan, in that he played the role of Number 6 too well. He had to feign his somewhat nervous and strung up state, and pretend that he has had no time to think about Number 2's proposition which he put to Curtis when he arrived in the village. Not to mention that duff line about reporting to the General, well not to report to him personally....... "For Pete's sake you know what I mean."
   Curtis' impersonation as Number 6 was perfect, so perfect that it put a nagging doubt in Number 2's head, who went off to talk to the pilot of the helicopter, before testing Number 6 "You won't forget to give my regards to Susan will you?" "I won't" says Number 6 slipping on his blindfold.
   And that was the flaw you see, Curtis played his part too well, and responded as No.6 would have done. After all, how could No.6 have known that..... "Susan died a year ago!"
   So where would that leave Curtis and Number 2? It is not impossible to carry on this interpretation to it's ultimate climax. So to save both their skins, Number 2 arranged for Curtis to maintain his deception by continuing to live in the village..... in the guise and persona of Number 6!

Be seeing you... whoever you are!

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