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Thursday 18 June 2015

Bureau of Visual Record

    The Tally Ho newspaper is almost as bad as the Soviet newspaper Pravda at the time of ‘The Prisoner.’ The Tally Ho tells the truth, there can be no question of that. It tells the truth well in advance of when things take place! But it also makes up articles and puts words into people’s mouths. Number 93 confesses disharmony, yeah that’d be right! 93 only made his public confession a short while ago in The Town Hall. As for Number 6, he only left the Town Hall a few minutes previously, and yet there’s the headline about him being up for further investigation! This is all written previously, it has to be, just like the article in a previous edition of The Tally Ho headlined “No.6 Speaks His Mind.” One could question if anyone in The Village believes a single word printed in the broadsheet. But it has to be admitted that whoever writes this kind of material for The Tally Ho, they get it spot on. 93’s confession, Number 6 up for further investigation, whoever is feeding the broadsheet with information is well informed. Seeing as Number 2 is behind the Committee, it therefore should not be a surprise to anyone that he is also behind The Tally Ho broadsheet. It is interesting to note that in previous editions, articles are attributed to “our own reporter.” And yet they have failed to do that in this particular edition.

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