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Sunday 7 June 2015

The Butler Speaks

   Appreciation Day saw me take up the role as the “Keeper of the Great Seal of Office.” The Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, and later of Great Britain, was formally an officer of the English Crown, charged with physical custody of the Great Seal of England.
    It was my job to not only to keep the Great Seal, but to take part in the Appreciation Day ceremony by presenting the said seal to an officer of Administration, who placed the Great Seal about the head and shoulders of Number 2. After Number 2’s speech, the Great Seal should have been destroyed {as it was with the Kings and Queens of England, that with each successor would each have their own Great seal which was crafted out of wax, and that of the King or Queen’s predecessor’s seal was broken}. However in this case the Great Seal was made of gold, so that to destroy it was to have been to melt it down. And seeing as to make another would have meant it would have been exactly the same, so what would have been the point in that?
   Anyway there I stood with the Great Seal on a red velvet cushion, I presented it to an Officer of Administration, and then taking no further part in the Appreciation Day ceremony, I took my leave.

    Footnote: had the Butler been the physical keeper of the Great Seal of Office, then he failed in his duty. Otherwise the Great Seal would not have been in the possession of Number 100 who passed it onto the Watchmaker so that he could fashion a replica, and fill it with plastic explosive! But no doubt the Butler, being only a small man, was put under the persuasion of the interim Number 2. The heir presumptive to the throne.

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