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Thursday, 11 June 2015


   Leaving that Mini-Moke for Number 6 was rather handy, because without it Number 6 would have found it damned difficult to haul those tree trunks out of the woods, through The Village, and down to the quayside! But of course everything that happens in The Village is planned and is done for a reason. They probably thought that there was no way that Number 6 is going to jump into the taxi and drive away from The Village. For one thing, there are the mountains, and for another, Mini-Mokes are only good on firm, or hard surfaces, like tarmac! Mind you, why didn’t Number 6 consider setting out on foot across that open countryside behind him? Perhaps he did, perhaps he didn’t like the idea of shanks’ pony!
    That country track the Prisoner drives along {top picture} it looks a well worn track. Might that be through the use of people coming and going to The Village, along with materials being taken there? Or if not, then by the farmer, taking the milk, eggs, and potatoes to The Village?

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