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Monday 1 June 2015


    Number 2 once said you have to be hammer or anvil, who saw Number 6 as the anvil. In ‘Free For All,’ Number 6 is invited to attend the dissolution of the out-going council at the Town Hall. Once in the Council Chamber Number 6 is permitted to question the Council members. Then comes the moment when Number 6 makes a most serious breech of etiquette. Number 2 would imagine that Number 6’s desire to stand for election is genuine. Nevertheless the rules demand that he undergo the test! And from that moment Number 6 is sent spinning down through the floor into an underground passageway, while Number 2 is frenziedly banging a gavel, viciously hammering a wooden block. The use of the gavel is purely to bring order to the Council Chamber, there seems no rhyme or reason why Number 2 should hammer on that wooden block in such a frenzy. Unless it has a symbolic meaning, to hammer Number 6 into the ground, or rather through the floor below!

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