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Thursday 25 June 2015

The Prisoner On Trial!

    The Prisoner was apparently on trial for the possession of a radio. According to the Prosecutor “From somewhere, he has not yet been subjected to interrogation, the accused acquired a radio. He had no radio of his own, there’s no radio he could have borrowed. So when acquiring one…..”  Just a minute, Number 240 just contradicted herself, if there was no radio the Prisoner could have acquired, or borrowed, where did he get the radio from? And that’s the one thing they the three judges didn’t ask the Prisoner, where he got the radio, and he never told them, probably because he wasn’t asked. Certainly he never volunteered the information. But that’s the Prisoner all over, never one to rat on anyone, even the dead! But if memory serves, Number 2 did ask Number 6 where he got the radio that time they were together on the outlook. But Number 6 never answered.
    Of course Number 6 took the radio from the pocket of the dead man he found on the beach. It may be wondered where the dead man got the radio. It’s always assumed that the body was washed ashore, but he’s wearing Village attire, and there’s a photograph of the man with a young woman sat by the pool and fountain in the Piazza of The Village. So, if there is no radio he could have acquired, no radio he could have borrowed, where did he get it? There is one possibility, which is more of a probability, that the dead man smuggled it into The Village with him. But as a prisoner, well that’s improbable, as it may be assumed that if the man was brought to The Village as a prisoner, whatever came with him would have been checked by his abductors. A radio would surely be one such article to be left behind. Possibly the dead man came to The Village as a warder, he might have been able to smuggle a radio into The Village with him. But of course we are not privy to any possible security searches made. The man’s belongings may have been searched upon arrival. But if not as a prisoner, or warder, perhaps he was like others who were neither one nor the other, but came to The Village of their own free will to work for The Village. He could have been sent to infiltrate The Village. In the same way John Drake once infiltrated Colony Three. But who sent the dead man to The Village, and why, will forever remain a mystery. And what of the young woman in the photograph taken with the dead man? Was she his wife, a girlfriend whom he met in The Village, or had she been assigned to the dead man in the same way Number 9 had been assigned to Cobb? What of her? So many questions that will forever remain a mystery, and yet left open to interpretation.

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