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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Quote For The Day

    “I didn’t think it would be like this.”
                       {Number 8 - Nadia Rakovsy  -  The Chimes of Big Ben}

   Well how did she think it would be like then? A Gulag in the middle of Siberia? A labour camp? Surely Nadia Rakovsky was briefed about The Village, or if she was she wasn‘t told very much. And yet….she wasn’t given a very good cover story, because at times it contradicted itself. Number 2 told Number 6 that she had been brought to The Village suffering from nervous tension that’s all, she was there to recuperate. And yet she told Number 6 that she had committed no crime, that all she did was to resign. Well that’s more like it, that way she hoped to play on Number 6’s sympathies. After all he in The Village would be the one person to understand her, seeing as he had resigned!
    The name Nadia Rakovsky might be false, although Nadia is likely to be her real first name. As agents usually use their first names. That way there is no possibility of an agent not responding if he or she happens to hear their real name, as they might if they are using a false name.
    We cannot believe a word she utters. She never saw a file on The Village. She doesn’t know the location of The Village. She is obviously working for The Village, no matter her nationality. But she’s good, Nadia had faith that the electricity running through the floor of the interrogation room would be switched off in time. From that moment on Number 6 had this damsel in distress under his wing. She suckered Number 6 good and proper. Nadia succeeded where the maid and Number 9 in ‘Arrival’ failed! Nadia had Number 6 eating out of her hand, because he thought she had information he needed, the location of The Village! She was brave as well, no amount of briefing about The Village could have prepared her for the encounter with the membranic Guardian!
    Anyway the plan to extract the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation failed. If only Post 5 had his wrist watch set at Polish time and not English time. At least that should have told Number 6 which time zone The Village is in, which helps cut down the mystery of the location of The Village. This leaves the only one mystery, to whom was Nadia Rakovsy going to report? Not Number 1, that’s Number 2’s job. Most certainly not the Colonel, he was already only too aware that the plan had failed. So it must have been some outside agency, or department within British Intelligence, such as MI6, or one of the other MI departments within Military Intelligence.

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