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Sunday 28 June 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    Apparently this elderly couple didn’t settle for ages and now they wouldn’t leave for the World. So what was it that brought them to The Village? Did they come together, like the Professor and Madam Professor, and of their own free will? Perhaps they met in The Village and decided to make a life for themselves. At any rate they seem perfectly happy, Village life seems to suit them.
   That’s a yachting cap that chap is wearing. He might have been a yachtsman in his former life. Perhaps he was a yachtsman sailing around the World with his wife, whose yacht was caught in a storm at sea, and dashed to pieces on the rocks, their unconscious bodies washed up on the shore. And therefore found themselves in The Village. They of course would not be allowed to leave no matter what the circumstances, hence it would take them ages to settle down to Village life.

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  1. They were the owners of the "Amis Réunis" boat that sank in heavy weather and among the first inhabitants. The Village later erected the Stone Boat for them in order to make them feel more comfortable. How about that? - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      That will do very nicely indeed! I like it very much, you have a lively imagination my dear friend. I like your idea that the Stoneboat was erected in order to make them feel more comfortable. However there is another side to that coin. The Stoneboat shows that although it is there at the quayside {actually part of the quayside} it would act as a stern daily reminder to them that physical escape is not possible. Yet to be aboard the Stoneboat, to sail her in the imagintion, the couple could go anywhere, just ask the ex-Admiral in 'Arrival.' He's sailed her many a time, and found the Stoneboat good in any weather!

      Enjoy the rest of the weekend, will be in touch via email in the week.
      Very best regards

    2. Yes of course! That's the dark side to it. A boat made of stone, moored forever at the and as the quayside. A permanent reminder that escape is impossible. - BCNU!