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Thursday 4 June 2015

Thought For The Day

    Poor old Number 6, he thought he had escaped back to London because he thought it was different. It is isn’t it, isn’t it different? So perhaps he wasn’t that sure whether it was different or not. In one way it wasn’t different, because unbeknown to Number 6, at that point, he was closer to The Village than he could possibly have imagined. However in another way it was slightly different because it was the Colonel asking the questions, only it was the same old questions, one being why did the Prisoner, or rather his ex-colleague resign? So really things were not that very much different. Mind you didn’t anyone actually read ZM73’s letter of resignation? Or perhaps it didn’t explain enough. Number 2 said of the Prisoner that he had a brilliant career, his record impeccable, and that it was his job to check his motives. Or maybe they just wanted to double check his motives. And yet the Prisoner said that his motives had been checked. When exactly was that? Certainly it wasn’t after the Prisoner had resigned, there hadn’t been time. Unless of course there had been rumour and talk of the Prisoner’s resignation before the actual act. But either way British Intelligence thought they had lost a good man, while those behind The Village thought they had found one. It might have been more prudent had the Prisoner taken everything with him. The two packed suitcases, his passport and airline ticket, then he could have headed off straight to the airport once he’d handed in his letter of resignation instead of going home. He might have managed to get away………..except for the fact of the two undertakers waiting at the entrance of that underground car park. But then when would they have had the opportunity to abduct ZM73 at the airport, it seems improbable, perhaps not impossible, but the odds would have been more in ZM73’s favour!

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