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Friday 5 June 2015

Citizen 100

    Number 100 was a key man within Plan Division Q. His task was to indoctrinate Number 51 the Watchmaker, to make him believe that the assassination of the retiring Number 2 was beneficial for The Village. A violent act of assassination so as to shake the people from their lethargy. And whilst having the Watchmaker to make the remote radio detonator, as well as the replica Great Seal of Office, and to pack it with plastic explosive, as well as being the assassin, so nothing could be traced back to the new Number 2. Number 100 was excellent at his job. In today’s modern world it would be called “grooming,” that Number 100 groomed the Watchmaker, and turned him into a terrorist!
    But Plan Division Q was in trouble the moment the interim Number 2 involved Number 6. If Number 6’s involvement in Plan Division Q had not been pivotal in making the assassination plot so credible, if someone else could have been used, then Plan Division Q may well have succeeded! But as it was Number 100 had to face up to Number 6 in order to try and regain the radio detonator. As we know, Number 100 came off the worse in a fight with Number 6. Whether or not Number 100 paid the price for the failure of Plan Division Q along with the new Number 2 is unknown. But certainly someone would have to ultimately pay the price, and the buck usually stopped with Number 2. Although this time Number 1 must also bear part responsibility for failure, after all it was he together with the interim Number 2 who ultimately brought about Number 6’s involvement in Plan Division Q, and not Number 100.

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