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Friday 19 June 2015

The Butler Speaks

    “There’ll be another new Number Two along soon. I don’t know where they find these people, this one was as paranoid as they come. I didn’t think he would last long. If only he had placed his trust in his assistant Number Fourteen, but no. Assistance? Number Two said no, he could manage! Yeah that would be right. He managed to see enemies and conspiracies everywhere. Everyone was against him. But what he couldn’t see was that Number Six was jamming, using non-existent plans against him. But he simply wouldn’t be advised! If you ask me Number One hung this particular Number Two out to dry, and just let Number Six get on with his plan of revenge against Number Two. After all why sack a man when you’ve got Number Six to do one’s dirty work for you!
    And then he went and turned on me, one who has served loyally and without question. But he didn’t dare strike me, oh no. I wonder why? Oh well best get my things together. Next stop the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to see what my rights are, and I’ll be needing somewhere to live. Not to mention some kind of job. Not much call for a gentleman’s gentleman here I shouldn’t wonder. But then again, now that they’ve got rid of that excuse for a Number Two, I might be installed back in my annexe behind the Green Dome, before the new Number Two arrives.

Be seeing you

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