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Friday 19 June 2015

I Am Not A Number - I Am A Free Man!

    "I am not a number, I am a free man," a bold statement for a man whose identity has been taken away from him, and replaced by a number. Well they may have taken his identity away, but not his name, because we don’t know what his name is, or we are not supposed to know. And as for being free, the Prisoner-Number 6 is far from that. He’s an inmate in The Village which, dress it up as much as they like, is nothing more than a detention centre!
   Oh Number 6 does like to protest, but at times me thinks he doth protest too much, after all he’s only got himself to blame if ‘Fall Out’ is anything to go by. But then if it had not been for ‘Fall Out, if Patrick McGoohan had not written the script for that episode, but had given the task to a scriptwriter, Anthony Skene for example, then Number 1 may well have turned out to be someone completely different. A collective organisation perhaps, the members of the Assembly who are all representative of each and every aspect of society.
   For myself, I am not a Number, I am a free man. Well as numberless as anyone can be in society, and as free as anyone can be. Oh I’ve been pushed, filed, stamped, briefed, de-briefed, and numbered in my time, and there had been times when my life was not my own. I had obtained a position of authority. But after a while I decided that I wanted my life back, and so resigned my position! No-one tried to talk me out of it. Well actually they did, those under my command at the time, members of my team. But Number 1 accepted my resignation, and decided to let me go. I didn’t end being abducted to The Village, probably because I didn’t know too much or too little, but just the right amount!
    So now I am a free man, able to do what I enjoy doing best. I write about ‘the Prisoner,’ both series. Well it had to be I suppose, ‘the Prisoner’ has been in me since I was a boy of 12 years, and I expect to take ‘the Prisoner’ with me to my grave. Oh but I‘m in no hurry, I’m not yet ready to escape just yet.
   It may be said by some that what I do does not rate very highly in the World rankings. And yet others the World over enjoy reading my ‘Prisoner’ based blog every day, the daily statistics back that up. And there are many enthusiasts for ’the Prisoner’ who do not wish me to stop, but to keep writing. Perhaps that’s the prison I have made for myself. And yet how can I be a prisoner of something I enjoy doing so much? If one was to believe in destiny, then perhaps I am now living my fate, of something which I have immersed myself in these past 48 years. But I’m not the only one to have done that. Perhaps I am a prisoner of ‘the Prisoner,’ that I built my prison up with every screening of the series. So to sit here writing an almost daily blog about ‘the Prisoner’ was inevitable. If I were a prisoner in The Village, no doubt a doctor would have me either in a house writing articles, or worse, sitting in a barren plain white cube, void of anything but a table, chair, laptop, a few books and ‘the Prisoner’ on
DVD for reference. So that everyday, locked away in a cube, all I had to do was write more and more about ‘the Prisoner.’ There’s a short story in that somewhere, where’s my pen?

Be seeing you

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