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Monday 8 June 2015

Who Is The Chief?

    After the murder of Colonel Hawke-Englishe, Potter is sent out in the cold. Well he only had himself to blame, had he kept better watch on what was happening at that cricket match instead of keeping his eye on the girl……. But then there’s no point in crying over spilt milk is there, the Colonel is dead! Why the Colonel was in the field in the first place is unknown. Perhaps British Intelligence was short on good field agents! So with the Colonel dead, it’s up to the Chief to make contact with Mister X in “the field.” Potter meets with Mister X at an agreed rendezvous, who tells him to go to the Magnum Record shop, the Chief will speak to him there. So who is the Chief? It’s not Sir Charles Portland’s voice on the record, but must be someone working within British Intelligence. It might easily have been Colonel Hawke-Englishe if he had not turned to working in “the field,” it would have been the Colonel himself who would have given Mister X his instructions via the record. It may be surprising that Mister X was not assigned to stop Professor Schnipps plan in the first place.
   It seems that it’s not only Potter who is “out in the cold,” otherwise why didn’t Mister X simply go to the office to be briefed by the Chief? Why the need to use such subterfuge as the Magnum Record shop, for Mister X to be given his instructions by the Chief via record? On the other hand it might simply have afforded the opportunity to insert a style of scene from ‘
Mission: Impossible,’ when in the early episodes Briggs used to gain his instructions for a mission via a voice on a record!
   As for the actual voice supposedly on the record is that of Alexis Kanner.

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