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Thursday 25 June 2015

More Village!

    There are some surreal moments in THEPRIS6NER, like the time when 313 is sitting on a swing. Moments later Two is sitting beside her, talking to her about Six and their relationship. This happens twice, once during the episode ‘Darling,’ and again in the finale ‘Checkmate.’ The one minute Two is there talking with 313, holding her hand, then the next moment he’s not, then he’s back again, and then he’s gone as though he was never there in the first place! Once Two is inside your head, it’s not long before he begins to mess with it!
    And then there are the pair of glass door to the Summakor building, with no building attached to them, it has the look of a portal! A pair of glass doors somewhere out in the desert. 313 approaches the pair of doors, they open and 313 goes through and along a darkened passageway. Something frightens her, perhaps it’s her other self Sarah which causes her to turn and run back along the passage the way she came!

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