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Saturday 6 June 2015

An Encounter With The Guardian!

    After Number 6's first meeting with his Observer Number 240, she hurries away towards the Town Hall in order to take up her duties in the Control Room. No.6 takes it into his head to follow 240, that's a good one, the observed following his observer! However that white membranic Village Guardian has other ideas and impedes Number 6's progress enough so to give Number 240 a head start. Then goes off for a second, allowing Number 6 to mount the steps and follow in his observer’s footsteps. But then re-appears again impeding Number 6's progress along the cobbled path.
   Number 240 approaches the pair of wrought Iron gates, on the other side of those and across the street, lies the Town Hall. She looks back for a second, as she realises that she is being followed by Number 6! However to save her, there is again the Guardian, as it continues to impede Number 6, and give Number 240 time to cross the street and enter the Town Hall.
   There is no force used by this membranic Guardian against Number 6. Nor does it emit its blood curdling roar {originally to have been a cross between Gregorian chant, a bicycle pump, and someone breathing through an aqualung} or attempt to suffocate Number 6 into unconsciousness. It simply glides in and out of Number 6's path at given moments. Using gentle persuasion and a touch of agitation, it slows Number 6's progress enough to give Number 240 time to enter the Town Hall. Of course the Guardian does eventually go, leaving Number 6 to go through the pair of turquoise gates, cross the street and enter the Town Hall. But the Town Hall is fussy about who it lets in, according to a gardener. As it is Number 6’s progress into the Town Hall is stopped by an electric force field. This would have been the first time this Village technology would have been demonstrated, had ‘Dance of the Dead’ remained the second episode of ‘the Prisoner,’ according to the library/production order. As it is such an electric force field is demonstrated at a check-point inside the Town Hall in ‘The General,’ as Number 6 {as Top Hat administrative official Number 56} tests the force field by throwing his leather document case at it.
    “Do not attempt to pass without using the key” says a voice through the small speaker “Second occasion is fatal.”

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