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Saturday 6 June 2015

The Permanent Number 2!

    Number 6 won the election in ‘Free For Al’ with a landslide majority. Everyone voted for him, including Number 2. Then Number 2 took the new Number 2 to the Green Dome in order to hand over power. There were no instructions, anything Number 2 wanted to know, “Just press a button” was the only instruction the out-going Number 2 gave his successor.
    And yet think about it, power should actually have been handed over to the new Number 2 {Number 6} or Number 2 the former Number 58, on Appreciation Day. After all Appreciation Day of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ wasn’t concocted for the benefit of Number 6, it was an annual event. And that would give Number 2 a year’s term in office! What’s more the out going Number 2 of ‘Free For All’ should have been wearing the Great Seal of Office seeing as he is the Chief Administrator. Then that seal should have been handed over to the new Number 2 {Number 6} and had that been the case, the actual Number 2, the former Number 58, would have taken the Great Seal of Office and placed it around her own head and shoulders, having been brought to The Village previously as the next Number 2. The only problem with that is, that both Appreciation Day along with the Great Seal of Office had not been thought up until well into the production of the series. And yet having done so, the scriptwriter Michael Cramoy had written Appreciation Day into Village history! And that makes it very difficult to ignore!
   So if Number 2 is appointed once a year, on Appreciation Day, and seeing as an interim Number 2 is appointed as the new Number 2. So Number 2 who is due for retirement, having recently returned to The Village from having been on leave, must have been the permanent Number 2, having served a years term in office. What’s more it would appear that neither Number 6 nor Number 2 know each other. Why? It might be that Number 2 who had carried out such sterling work for both The Village and Community had nothing whatsoever to do with Number 6. He was left to all the other Number 2’s, who are all interim Number 2’s. The only trouble with that idea is, Number 2 must have had a great deal of time off during his term of office. And yet, why not two Number 2’s in The Village, which after all is what The Village has during ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ Number 2, and an Interim Number 2. The one running The Village, the other busy carrying out Plan Division Q in the background!

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