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Tuesday 16 June 2015

The Therapy Zone

    Names are not used in The Village, not unless between colleagues, ex-colleagues, friends, or citizens who become friends, and those in a relationship. However not once does Number 6 insist that people use his name, not even when outside of The Village in ‘Many Happy Returns’ for example, when the Colonel calls his ex-colleague Number 6. He is quick to tell the Colonel “James you call me that just once more, and you’re liable for a bout in hospital.”
    It seems that Number 6 is happy to use other people’s names, but avoids giving his own away at all costs, as during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ when he invites Nadia Rakovsky to his cottage for a nightcap.
    “There’s one good think about this place, at least it’s cheap. Genuine non-alcoholic whisky twenty-four work units, or would you prefer non-alcoholic vodka sixteen work units, I hope there’s nothing significant in that.”
   “Yes I would prefer mister……”
   “Ah sorry no name I am Number Six, you are Number Eight.”
   This is the first of only two occasions when Number 6 acknowledges his number. However in this instance it could simply have been a clever ploy on his part. That by acknowledging his number he would avoid having to tell Nadia his name, the one being the lesser of two evils!

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