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Sunday 21 June 2015

The Desire For Freedom and Escape!

   Number 2 "What a piece of luck. We start our election campaign today, showery outlook is very depressing don't you think?"
Number 6 "Elections, in this place?"
"Of course, we make our choice every twelve months. Every citizen has a choice. Are you going to run?"
"Like blazes the first chance I get!"
"I mean run for office."
"Mine, for instance."
"You have a delicate sense of humour."
    So does Number 6, after all humour is the very essence of a democratic society! Number 6 says that the interests of the citizens are very much his own, and that the security of the citizens will be his primary objective. Which means, should No.6 be elected as the new No.2, then he will not increase the security of the citizens, but oversee their freedom from the confines of The Village. In some cases this would do more harm than good, for what use does anyone born to The Village have for the outside world? It would be as it was years ago, when animal rights protesters released Mink into the wild, when all they have known is the Mink farm. Irrespective of ones personal views on this, the result was an absolute disaster. What did the released Mink do? They attacked the Water Vole, {Ratty from Wind In The Willows} killing them near to extinction here in the UK. But now numbers of Voles are slowly recovering.
   So you see Number 6's actions of wanting to see the citizens of The Village to obey him and be free, might on the whole look honourable. But can do more harm than good, and the repercussions stretching all the way back to England and the government at the time in the Houses of Parliament. And after all is not Number 6 simply satisfying his own desire, in manipulating the community to what he wants ultimately, to escape. It can be visualised now. The new Number 2 organising a mass breakout in which Number 6 can loose himself in the confusion! Such an opportunity will not come again until ‘Fall Out,’ although he doesn’t know that!
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