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Monday 8 June 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    That’s supposed to be Number 8’s file, but did they really go to all the bother of typing up some imaginary information for the file, or is that merely a page from the script for ‘The Chimes of Bug Ben?’ Thus far I have been unable to read the text. The photograph is in all probability a photographic still from one of Nadia Gray’s many films, although I’ve been unable to identify it. The Prisoner’s file is the same, a photograph and printed text on the opposite page, just like this. Number 2 reads a detail from Nadia’s file.
    “At the age of seventeen an Olympic bronze medallist.”
    Is the actor Leo McKern simply remembering that line, or is he actually reading it from the file, as his character Number 2 would do? Sadly I have not been able to discern the text in the file.

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