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Tuesday 2 June 2015

A Cure For All!

   During 'the Chimes of Big Ben' Number 6 accompanies Number 2 to the Green Dome in order to take tea with Number 2. While there he makes an audio note to Number 6’s file, that his sense of humour is strong and unimpaired. He asks Number 6 one lump or two, as he can never remember how many lumps of sugar Number 6 takes. Yet from reading his file he discovers that Number 6 doesn’t take sugar. Perhaps Number is frightened of putting on weight. But then nor is he afraid of being reduced! Then Number 6 tops up his tea, and at the same time takes three lumps of sugar. To which Number 2 tells him not to worry, he’ll be cured. Surely Number 6 isn’t in The Village for the good of his health! Mind you according to Number 2 Nadia Rakovsky was brought to The Village apparently suffering from nervous tension, and there to recuperate! Perhaps the reason Number6 is in The Village is also to recuperate, for peace of mind! Together they enjoy their tea, and watch Number 8 on the wall screen waking up in her seemingly own home. It must have seemed like old times to Number 6. Old times? Surely it wasn’t that long ago since his own arrival in The Village!

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