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Sunday 21 June 2015


  “See Saw Margery Daw,
Jacky shall have a new master;
Jacky shall earn but a penny a day,
Because he can't work any faster”
     {The name Jacky being a replacement for Johnny}

   The See-Saw is the oldest children’s ride, which has been developed for a totally different use by Village technicians. In the Control Room on the See-Saw, two Observers sit at either end of the device watching the monitors before them. The duration time for someone being able to monitor screens is about twenty minutes, after that the observer begins to fail to notice what is taking place on the screen. It is possible that the simple "up and down, back and forth" movement helps prolong the duration time of the two Observers attention to their monitors.
   Yet in the deeper underworld of The Village, in that dark and dank cavern of ‘Fall Out,’ this See-Saw device is put to a more obscene purpose. Then it is fitted with a heavy machine gun at either end, that it should protect the community, as the President would have it. The regrettable bullet!  Its purpose in the underworld, is to maintain security during the trial of three rebels! And yet when bloody and violent revolution does break out, the effect of the two machine guns of the See-Saw is negligible. Because there is a limit to the guns depression!
   In The Village a Child’s innocent toy is employed to prolong Observers observational duration. Some might interpret it as evolving into a symbol of the unfair rise and fall of power, and ultimately becomes a symbol of war, rendering both death and destruction.

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  1. That's a remarkable thing about the see-saw. To me, initially, it was some visual gadget, for the eye only without any visible purpose, just fitting in the spherical control room, yes. Because, how could somebody ever sit on top of it while it's spinning round thereby staring through a binocular microscope or something and not feeling dizzy. Only as a side remark, read the lyrics of the Moody Blues song "Ride My See-saw" from 1968. Not that I would pretend it's to do with The Prisoner, though. To quote one bit of it: "But by now, I know I should have run./ Run, run my last race, / Take my place / Have this number /
    Of mine... Taken out of context, I know, it looks more significant than it really is. But, well... it's worthwhile. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      I agree, the see-saw device is a visual gadget, and it does help fill up the floor of the Control Room, without which it would have a very spartan look about it. I had not considered the possibility of the "dizziness effect" of riding the See-Saw, this could not be resolved unless time was spent in actually ridng the device for an hour say. It wouldn't be so bad if the See-saw only went up and down, but this one gives the added motion of going round and round at the same time! Wonder who thought that one up? Probably someone in the Properties department.
      The Moody Blues song "Ride My See-Saw" sounds apt for 'the Prisoner,' and well worthy of the thought.

      Very kind regards