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Friday 12 June 2015

Quote For The Day

   “The community can rest assured that their interests are very much my own, and that anything I can do to maintain the security of the citizens will be my primary objective. Be seeing you.” 
                {That was a lunchtime speech by Number 6 - Free For All}

    Number 6 delivered that speech with some conviction, he made himself sound like a Number 2 of the “old regime.” What was it Number 6 said, “The old regime for ever, and the old Number 2 forever.” The Security of the citizens will be his primary objective. Doesn’t sound much like Number 6 does it? Number 113 suggested that Number 6 would fight for freedom at all costs! The only true speech given, that was Number 6’s own words, was his opening speech, when he said he intended to discover who are the prisoners and who the warders, which was which, how many of each? But he didn’t actually achieve anything like that, not until he was taught how to distinguish between the prisoners and the guardians in ‘Checkmate,’ little good it did him. And little good did it do Number 6 to stand for election as we say here in Britain. In America politicians “run” for office. Because after been given the opportunity of his frank and open speech, as the local candidate Number 6 is being controlled, his mind conditioned, and drugged. And at other times he’s told what to say, or at least the words of his speech from the Stone Boat printed on a card for him. And yet, his final speech given from a taxi;
    “Place your trust in the old regime, their policies defined, the future certain. The old regime forever and the old Number Two forever, is that what you want, confession by coercion? Vote for him and you’ll have it. Or stand firm on this electoral platform and speak a word without fear. The word is freedom. They say six of one and half a dozen of the other, not here. It’s six for two, and two for nothing, vote, vote, vote.” That does sound rather like the Number 6 of old. He goes on to suggest that that Number 2 is working to his limit, just because he cannot afford spare time, we’re all entitled to spare time. Leisure is our right! But what would the people do with spare time if they get it? Less work and more play perhaps!
    It’s all very well for Number 6, but fine words butter no parsnips! Number 6 gives the impression that he’s out for the good of the people, yet seems that he is only out for himself. Number 21, the manager of the Labour Exchange knew what Number 6 would attempt to do the moment should he be elected the new Number 2, organise a mass breakout. And if the Labour Exchange Manager knew that, then so did Number 2. And as for Number 6, when the tough got going what did he try to do?………..Escape! Number 6 didn’t give two hoots for the citizens of The Village, he would have been no better than Number 2, because he would have tried to manipulate the citizens to take part in a mass breakout. Okay many of the citizens would have been subdued, or recaptured, but Number 6 would have grasped the opportunity to make good his escape in the chaos!
    Yes the local election was rigged. Yes the electorate was controlled, mind conditioned to vote for Number 6. Yes Number 6 was not elected as the new Number 2. And even though Number 2 told Number 6 in ‘Dance of the Dead’ that The Village had dispensed with democracy, he still believed that the two Councils were democratically elected once a year. That he could have been a member of the Town Council, such was part of the information he told The Colonel and Thorpe during his debriefing in ‘Many Happy Returns.’ Somehow one cannot help but think that at times The Village, or is it ‘the Prisoner,’ is working as cross purposes, giving out different and at the same time, a conflict of information!

Be seeing you


  1. Dear David
    "fine words butter no parsnips" - what a lovely expression! Haven't heard that one before, and I like parsnips too!

    1. Dear Nadia,
      Lovely to hear from you. I'm happy you like the phrase, I thought you might have known that one.Try this one "Time, tide, and buttered eggs wait for no-one!"

      I have recently written a piece on the interior of Sir Charles Portland's office, and I've a few more interiors in the pipeline.

      Very best regards

    2. Hi David
      Perhaps the parsnips phrase is only used in certain parts of the country. I have heard the "time, tide & buttered eggs" phrase - its from The Box of Delights. Only in my case its "time, tide & buttered scones" - ha, ha!
      Looking forward to delving into the interior design articles and apppraising the decor. I've not been able to look at this site for a while as I've been on holiday in deepest darkest Wales.
      Be seeing you again!

    3. Hello Nadia,
      Yes its quite possible that the parsnips phrase does come from a particular part of the country, I've no idea. But what I am sure of is that "Time, tide and buttered eggs" does come from 'A Box of Delights,' which my wife and I enjoy watching every year leading up to Christmas."time, tide and buttered scones"....I like that, depending on how one pronounces the word "scone" of course!
      I trust you had a very enjoyable holidy in Wales, anywhere near Portmeirion perchance? My wife and I haven't been back there in years.

      Enjoy the day
      Very kind regards